Article Processing Fee

Blueprint Academic Publishers is a self-reliance organization and does not receive any funding from neither from government nor private sectors. Hence, the operation of the Journal is solely financed by the handling fees received from authors and some academic/corporate sponsors.

The BAP Journals charges US $94.5 as article processing charge (APC) after the article is accepted for publication. All fees paid by authors as Article Processing Charge (APC) are expended on various activities and operations to keep our platform running including technology costs, salaries and other business costs, peer review coordination and management, production, and promotion of articles amongst other publishing activities.

Authors can pay the processing charge through the online payment portal by using credit card/ and or can transfer the APC to the publisher’s account furnished in an invoice, and we will send the confirmation of the payment receipts once the payment is made. Hence, the APCs are paid by the authors or research institutes or funding agencies on behalf of the authors.

Refund Policy

 Upon acceptance of an article for publication, Article Processing Charge is required. The author who submits the manuscript is accountable for the payment of the Article Processing Charge, and BAP Journals shall not provide any form of refunds.

Article Retraction

If authors desire to retract their paper after rigorous review and revisions, they will be required to pay a processing fee of 30% of the article's total costs. Since the review process necessitates the participation of Editors, Reviewers, Associate Managing Editors, Editorial Assistants, Content Writers, an Editorial Managing System, and other online monitoring systems to ensure that the published article is of high quality and in the best possible form, these individuals are essential to the process.