Peer Review Process and Timelines

Peer Review Process: All the manuscripts submitted to the BAP journals are accepted for consideration on the understanding that their contents have not been published elsewhere and are not under consideration by any other journal; are not plagiarized, duplicated, fabricated, falsified or any other such types not listed.
Every manuscript is screened for compliance by the BAP journals editors before being sent out for external review by at least two referees competent in the field of study. The Editorial board may decline a manuscript before review if it is deemed unsuitable for the journal (e.g., out of scope, fundamental flaws, duplicative, poor language or ethical issues). The manuscripts first undergo an initial quality/relevance check by the receiving editor. At this stage, submissions are also screened for plagiarism. The choice of the reviewers is made by the Chief Editor in consultation with the Editorial Board, who then send the manuscript to anonymous reviewers.
The peer review process is double-blind hence the authors and reviewers do not get to know each other. After completion of the review process, the peer reviewers then advise on whether the manuscript should be accepted as it is or considered acceptable with revisions or rejected with accompanying reasons.
Any complaints arising from the manuscript peer review process are addressed as per the journals complaints handling policy.
The manuscripts and all illustrations should be prepared according to the guidelines provided in the information and instructions to authors. Those manuscripts not conforming to the requirements will be returned to the author for correction before being sent for review.
Peer Review Time Frame
BAP journals permit rapid publication while retaining a rigorous and transparent peer review process to ensure that only the highest-quality research is published. The journal strives to speed the peer review process, and editors ensure that reviewer comments are accurately reviewed and understood considering any conflicts of interest that have been disclosed. Within 2 months, the Acceptance Letter and Review Results are made available to the writers. BAP journals are published on a continuous basis.
Any publication misconduct will be handled as per the COPE, CSE and ICMJE guidelines and any other approved guidelines