About the Journal

Aim and Scope

The Journal of Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystems (JATEMS) is an international, open access journal which publishes peer-reviewed original research, research notes, and reviews dealing with aquatic systems and terrestrial systems.

The scope covers all aspects of biodiversity, ecological processes, ecosystem services, water quality, conservation and management, climate change and human impacts.

This scope is essential for understanding how these ecosystems are changing, how they can be conserved, and how they can continue to provide the ecosystem services that are critical for human well-being. The journal follows the publication guidelines as outlined in Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE).

Types of publication

The Journal of Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystems publishes different types of publications:

  1. Original research articles:

These are articles that report on original research conducted by the authors. They typically include an introduction, methods, results, and discussion section.

  2. Review articles:

These are articles that provide a comprehensive overview of the existing research literature on a particular topic. They often include a critical analysis of the literature and identify gaps in current knowledge.

3. Commentaries and editorials:

These are articles that express an opinion or perspective on a particular topic or issue. They may be written by the journal editors, guest editors, or invited experts.

4. Case reports:

These are articles that describe a particular case or series of cases related to a particular medical condition or treatment. They may include a description of the patient's history, physical examination, diagnostic tests, and treatment.

5. Letters to the editor:

These are short articles that provide commentary on previously published articles or raise questions or concerns about issues related to the journal's scope.

6. Book reviews:

These are articles that review books related to the journal's scope.

7. News and views:

These are articles that provide updates on recent developments in a particular field of research or related to the journal's scope.