Vision and Mission

BAP Vision is to be a leading global publisher of high-quality scholarly literature across a variety of fields, advancing knowledge and enhancing lives worldwide. To serve our authors, readers, and partners, we strive to embrace new publishing technology and economic models. We are committed to promoting open research, affordable content, and sustainable academic communication strategies. We also seek to develop robust, varied communities of scholars, researchers, and practitioners through our partnerships and collaborations, enabling dialogue and the exchange of ideas to improve society.
BAP mission is to provide a platform for the dissemination of high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarly content across a range of disciplines, advancing knowledge and supporting the development of scholars, researchers, and practitioners worldwide. We are committed to promoting rigorous standards of scientific inquiry and ethical research practices, and to fostering an inclusive and diverse community of scholars. We strive to make our content widely accessible and affordable, and to develop sustainable models for scholarly communication that promote open access to research.